The Universal Institute of Pragmatic Education's Continuing Acupuncture Education.

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Universal Institute of Pragmatic Education is a new standard for offering acupuncture continuing education through distance learning courses. These courses will provide for the study of Oriental Medicine and for promoting a better quality practice of Acupuncture and Herbology. We sincerely hope that you will become an integral part of our mission to preserve and promote traditional oriental medicine throughout the world. Universal Institute of Pragmatic Education (Uni-Ped) has been in business since 1998 and is designed to reach out to those willing to expand their knowledge in a time efficient manner. is an innovative and creative learning system designed to provide high quality continuing educational resources. Our site is structured to provide you, the practitioner, essential educational information and valuable tools in the development of your personal and professional study of traditional oriental medicine. Some of the major areas of study will include: acupuncture, herbology, and time honored natural healing exercises. The practice and development of traditional oriental medicine can be traced back in history thousands of years. It is the goal of to continue the preservation of these teachings and promote the development of oriental medicine.

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